Lindfield Montessori Preschool gifted my son with the best start to education possible. Their approach was nurturing, child-lead and holistic which produced a confident, capable young boy who absolutely loves to learn. We live far from the preschool but travelled the distance because we knew that nothing could compare. Thank you LMP for absolutely everything.
— Jess C, Hornsby

You won’t find better education for your children anywhere! It’s priceless! I’ve sent both of my kids to Lindfield Montessori and I’ve enjoyed watching them learn and grow. They can read and write, count and present in-front of groups. Lindfield Montessori has helped build their confidence and prepared them for school and life. Thank you so much.
— Scott J, Sydney

Lindfield Montessori School was such a treasure box of learning and nurturing haven for my two sons.  Their time there totally shaped them into curious, capable and caring individuals.  Having completed the Kindergarten program, my boys were ready and thrived in the transition to year one.  They continue to be passionate and open-minded learners, because of LMP.
— Sharen A.S, St Ives

The focus on independent learning really helped our son build a love of school. He loved his time at Montessori and is thriving in Primary school. Montessori made the transition very easy.
— Chris and Joanne B, Sydney

From Numeracy to Reading; Spelling to Handwriting, Montessori’s Kindergarten program sets an excellent foundation and develops the necessary skills for our two children to have a smooth transition to Year 1 curriculum.
— Andy and Kay C, Sydney

The teachers at LMP made it a priority to understand my children, they use this knowledge to guide their curiosity for learning and build their tenacity to “keep trying”.  Montessori is without doubt one of the most individually tailored programs I know.
— Anonymous

Montessori has been the best thing for my daughter. She has learnt these skills for life!!
— Anonymous

The joy that we see in our children constantly has been the biggest reward.
— Anonymous