Our Teaching Staff

The role of the teacher is best described as a guide promoting a link between the child and the environment. The teachers prepare the environment using natural, concrete experiences to nurture the child’s ability as a creative, disciplined, motivated and independent thinker. Our low student to teacher ratios allow for an individualised program for each child. Through detailed observation our teachers gain an insight into each child’s interests and needs and collaborate as a team to plan individual and small group learning programs.

Lindfield Montessori Preschool aims to follow the methods and recommended practices of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). AMI is internationally recognised as the highest quality and longest continually practiced Montessori training. We understand the importance of employing teachers who are AMI trained, as they possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the philosophy and materials that create a quality Montessori environment.


Principal / Directress Marina

From Term 1 2019 we are pleased to be welcoming Marina to our school. Marina has worked in education for over 17 years, with experience ranging from pre-school to Year 12. She has a Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts, holds the AMI Diploma in Montessori Studies (3 to 6 years) and the MWEI Diploma in Education (Montessori, 3 to 6 years).

The lead teacher in a Montessori classroom is traditionally called a director/directress, as their role is to help guide the children in their own learning.


Teacher Sun Mi

Sun Mi has worked with children professionally for over 20 years and has been at Lindfield Montessori for 11 years. She originally qualified as a Montessori teacher in Korea and then completed a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) through University of New England, NSW. Sun Mi is a passionate advocate of the power of the Montessori method, which she bears witness to everyday.

Sun Mi believes a "Montessori based education encourages a child to pursue their individual interests and accrue knowledge and skills in pursuit of those interests. I believe the strength of the Montessori approach lies in the careful matching of the vast number of Montessori educational materials with the specific interests of each child. The most enjoyable aspect of my position is the personal fulfilment I feel witnessing a child achieve their educational milestone. I love witnessing each child develop well rounded interpersonal skills and compassion for their environment over the time they attend Lindfield Montessori."


Assistant Ashleigh

Ashleigh has been working in Early Childhood Education for eight years, with five of those years working in a Montessori early learning environment as an Assistant. She has completed a Diploma in Children's Services and has had previous experience working with children who have culturally and linguistically different backgrounds.

She is very passionate about Maria Montessori's method of teaching, being a prepared environment that has self-directed activities, hands on learning and focusing on Independence and the 'Absorbent Mind'.