Classroom Observations

Prospective parents and guardians are invited to book a classroom observation prior to enrolment, using the form below. Observations are available between 9.30am - 10am on most days of the school term.

Attending a classroom observation gives you an opportunity to visit during a normal school day and get an idea of how the school functions. A Montessori preschool runs in quite a different way to many other schools, with children each selecting their own tasks, completing them independently and packing them away when they are complete. For parents unfamiliar with this educational philosophy, the best way to understand how this works is to see it in action.

We ask that you do not bring your children with you during classroom observations, as having a new child in the classroom can be very exciting for the students and disrupts their usual routine. If you would like to bring your child to see the school, they are welcome to attend on any of our open days. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you can not come on a week day for an observation, another way to learn more about a usual day in the Lindfield Montessori classroom is to take a look at our video, at the bottom of this page.


Book a classroom observation:

A Morning in Montessori - Video