Welcome to Lindfield Montessori Preschool

Established in 1975, our school is set in the beautiful leafy surrounds of West Lindfield and was the first Montessori school in NSW. We strive to provide a quality Montessori education in a mixed age group classroom for 3 - 6 year olds for up to 29 children. Our school provides the children with an environment where their innate desire to learn is encouraged and extended. Lindfield Montessori is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework and attains the outcomes of the NSW Board of Studies Curriculum Early Stage 1.


Encouraging a love of learning

Montessori is about helping your child find ways to use their creativity and to inspire them to do so. We do this by giving them the tools and the foundations to express themselves. Every child is a unique person with creative potential, the drive to learn and the right to be treated with respect as an individual.


The prepared environment

In a Montessori classroom the environment is designed to support children’s learning and independence. The Montessori materials help children explore and master their environment through activities which aid the development of the whole personality.

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An education for life

In a Montessori school education is seen as an aid to life and preparation for it. We aim to nurture not just academic achievements, but a whole range of skills such as problem solving, independence, self-confidence, courtesy and adaptability. The children are taught across five main domains; sensorial, practical life, language, mathematics and culture.


Want to find out more?

We invite you to come to our school to discover whether Lindfield Montessori is the right choice for your child.We hold regular open days and offer opportunities for classroom observations throughout the term.